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November 7, 2006

Halloween 2006: "Disco"

This year for Halloween, my group took over a storage room in the office and turned it into a full blow DISCO--complete with lighted dance floor, blacklit go-go cage, dj booth, disco ball, and full bar serving cocktails!

Halloween 2006: "Disco" - the disco dance floor

The crowning acheivement of the disco was of course, the dance floor (people kept asking me where we rented it! Hah!).

The base of the dance floor was made up of .75"x1.5"x8' wooden boards (aka, the cheapest wood that can be found at Home Depot). The wood was measured out and notched every 7", then fit together in a grid pattern. In order to get it in and out of the door, it was built in three 4'x12' modules.

The top of the grid was covered with 3/16" acrylic (plexiglas) tiles cut to size. I glued the tiles down with a high-heat glue gun. Here's a pic of the plexiglas tiles being laid onto the grid (the blue/brown film is still on one side of the plexiglass at this point to keep it clean):

Halloween 2006: "Disco" - more pics

More pics of "Studio 5U" in action!