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November 18, 2013

Halloween 2012: The Roaring 20's!

This year I was obsessed with two things:
 - HBO's "Boardwalk Empire
 - Turning my cube into a bar

So what better theme than "The Roaring Twenties!"?  It's an easy enough theme for people to participate in (even the laziest of people can grab a cheap fedora from Target, throw on a tie and maybe a pair of suspenders), and the centerpiece would be turning my cube into a speakeasy (complete with "illegal" booze)!

I have to say, it came out great!  Here's a video tour of the speakeasy:

(My apologies for the poor quality.)

The Build

There were 4 main elements that I built:
  • Wooden bar top (complete with hinged pass-through)
  • Wine glass rack
  • Flashing "The Dive" sign
  • "The Peacekeeper" (mounted shotgun)
The Wooden bar top - After taking several measurements of my cubicle walls, I build a couple of basic frames out of cheap 1x2s(?) from Home Depot, glued and screwed together.  The top is made out of 1/8" MDF, cut to size.  Then I covered it with vynil contact paper (the stuff you'd get for drawers/cupboard shelves) that had a fake wood grain look to it.  This not only made it look more realistic, but also made it waterproof, as many drinks were spilled this Halloween.

The two peices were connected with a cheap brass door hinge:

The wine glass rack - was made from more 1x2s and some wooden dowels all hot glued together, then spray painted black.  (It didn't have to be perfect, i just needed the illusion of hanging glassware.)  I hung some cheap disposable champagne glasses (goblet style) in between the dowels.

"The Dive" sign - was made from posterboard.  I whipped up the look&feel in Word, and printed out each section/letter on regular paper.  Then I glued them onto the posterboard, and covered the whole thing in clear packing tape to give it a more "polished" look.  The lights are basic "multi-function" set of LED christmas lights I got from target.  I measured and punched out equally spaced holes, and pushed the lights in through the back.

"The Peacekeeper" shotgun - was a "nerf" style toy gun from Target that I painted to look more realistic.  I also printed out a plaque that I made in Word which I mounted behind it with a pair of hooks/magnets.

I finished off the cube with some stripey fabric I got for cheap (draped and zip-tied to look like curtains), and of course, bottles of booze.  (And while not technically accurate, The Squirrel Nut Zippers made for an awesome soundtrack.)

I also made a Richard Harrow mask out of plaster, a fake eye, and some costume glasses to wear around (shotgun in hand) when I wasn't in my bar:

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