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November 19, 2013

Halloween 2013: "Breaking Bad"

With AMC's series "Breaking Bad" wrapping up just weeks before Halloween this year, we couldn't help but pay homage to one of the best shows on TV!

This year my coworker and I turned the outside of our cubes into Walt and Jesse's RV, and I built a bubbling, smoking, meth lab in mine, complete with blue rock candy "meth".  It was a huge hit!

Check out the  video tour!:

The Build

The RV was "sketched" out onto cardboard with colored duct tape fairly hastily (hence the octagonal wheels).

I used a cheap aquarium pump that I got from Amazon under $10 (Tetra Whisper Air Pump) to make the bubbling bottles.  I drilled holes in the caps, an ran aquarium hosing from one bottle to the next, sealing it with hot glue where necessary.  The liquid is just water with a little food coloring in in.

I printed out the "methylamine" labels in word, and glued them to empty recovery drink jars which I had saved up.

The lights are "meteor lights" (icicle lights) that I got on ebay, flipped upside down.  (I just wanted the lab to look more "alive".)

The "smoke" was simply hot water and dry ice.  A liter of hot water and a couple chunks of dry ice was enough to push the fog through the dryer ducting.

You'll notice I got to re-use the bar top I made last year for my "Roaring 20's Speakeasy" theme.

We bought some blue rock candy and put them into the little bags you get with clothes that have extra buttons/lapel stays in them.  I found this scale for $2 (along with some of the glassware) at Goodwill!  It was perfect!

A cheap set of erlenmeyer flask from Amazon filled with salt mixed with a drop of food coloring finished off the props.

I also used the blue salt and dry ice to serve "meth-laritas" (blue margaritas) which were a huge hit!  (I made sure to pour the blue curacao in from a flask for show.)

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